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2024-4-21 1:26:35
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WHO launches new global influenza strategy    
submitted by kickingbird at Mar, 12, 2019 from WHO
WHO released a Global Influenza Strategy for 2019-2030 aimed at protecting people in all countries from the threat of influenza. The goal of the strategy is to prevent seasonal influenza, control the spread ...

China: A human case of avian influenza A(H10N3) reported in Yunnan Province    
submitted by kickingbird at 4 days ago from CHP, Hong Kong S.A.R
Yunnan Province:A 51-year-old male with onset on Feburary 28, 2024.

WHO: Influenza at the human-animal interface summary and assessment, 28 March 2024    
submitted by kickingbird at 6 days ago from WHO
Avian influenza A(H5) viruses A(H5N1), Viet Nam Since the last risk assessment of 26 February 2024, one human case of infection with an A(H5N1) influenza virus was notified to WHO from Viet Nam on 25 March. ...

WOAH: United States of America - Influenza A viruses of high pathogenicity (Infection with H5N1) (non-poultry including wild birds) (2017-) - Follow up report 46    
submitted by kickingbird at 7 days ago from WOAH
GENERAL INFORMATIONCOUNTRY/TERRITORY OR ZONEZONEANIMAL TYPETERRESTRIALDISEASE CATEGORYListed diseaseEVENT ID4451DISEASEInfluenza A viruses of high pathogenicity (Infection with H5N1) (non-poultry including ...

U.S.: Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza Detected in South Dakota Dairy Herd    
submitted by kickingbird at 9 days ago from The South Dakota Department of Agriculture and Nat
The South Dakota Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources (DANR) and the Animal Industry Board (AIB) have received confirmation from the United States Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) National ...

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Murawski A, Fabrizio T, Ossiboff R, Kackos C, Jeev. Highly pathogenic avian influenza A(H5N1) virus in a common bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops truncatus) in Florida. Commun Biol. 2024 Apr 18;7(1):476.  Abstract  
submitted by kickingbird at 18 hours ago from Commun Biol. 2024 Apr 18;7(1):476
Since late 2021, highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) viruses of A/goose/Guangdong/1/1996 (H5N1) lineage have caused widespread mortality in wild birds and poultry in the United States. Concomitant ...

Umar S, Kim S, Gao D, Chen P. Evidence of Reverse Zoonotic Transmission of Human Seasonal Influenza A Virus (H1N1, H3N2) Among Cats. Influenza Other Respir Viruses. 2024 Apr;18(4):e13.  Abstract  
submitted by kickingbird at 18 hours ago from Influenza Other Respir Viruses. 2024 Apr;18(4):e13
Human–animal interactions are closely intertwined. The connection between animal, human, and environmental health is becoming increasingly complicated with globalization, industrialization, and climate ...

Liu Y, Chen Y, Yang Z, Lin Y, Fu S, Chen J, Xu L,. Evolution and Antigenic Differentiation of Avian Influenza A(H7N9) Virus, China. Emerg Infect Dis. 2024 Apr 19;30(6).  Abstract  
submitted by kickingbird at 18 hours ago from Emerg Infect Dis. 2024 Apr 19;30(6)
We characterized the evolution and molecular characteristics of avian influenza A(H7N9) viruses isolated in China during 2021-2023. We systematically analyzed the 10-year evolution of the hemagglutinin ...

Hou Y, Deng G, Cui P, Zeng X, Li B, Wang D, He X,. Evolution of H7N9 highly pathogenic avian influenza virus in the context of vaccination. Emerg Microbes Infect. 2024 Apr 17:2343912.  Abstract  
submitted by kickingbird at 2 days ago from Emerg Microbes Infect. 2024 Apr 17:2343912
Human infections with the H7N9 influenza virus have been eliminated in China through vaccination of poultry; however, the H7N9 virus has not yet been eradicated from poultry. Carefully analysis of H7N9 ...

van der Pol S, Zeevat F, Postma MJ, Boersma C. Cost-effectiveness of high-dose influenza vaccination in the Netherlands: Incorporating the impact on both respiratory and cardiovascular hospitalizations. Vaccine. 2024 Apr 17:S0264-410X(24)00465-1.  Abstract  
submitted by kickingbird at 2 days ago from Vaccine. 2024 Apr 17:S0264-410X(24)00465-1
Objectives: We assess the cost-effectiveness of switching from standard-dose quadrivalent influenza vaccination (SD-QIV) to high-dose vaccination (HD-QIV) for Dutch adults aged 60 years and older.Methods: ...

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China flu epidemic report
China influenza report, 15th week, year 2024
A human case of avian influenza A(H10N3) reported in Yunnan Province
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