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2024-5-25 7:23:13
Translation Service

We acquired good reputation during the mass translation work in public health and research since 2003. A systemized complete translation service procedure along with corresponding quality management system also guarantee the proficiency, efficiency and accuracy of our translation service. With Extensive experience and expertise, we provide Chinese-to-English and English-to-Chinese translation in the following areas.

  • Scientific Research Translation: research papers, reports, reviews and etc.,al . Our journal databases will ensure the quality and proficiency of the translation by double check the related references.
  • Product Manual and Specifications: biological, medical, diagnostic manuals.
  • Conference Documents and Reports: professional translation of governmental and organizational documents and reports.
  • Scientific Guidelines: ex. WHO bio-safety manual 3 rd edition.
  • Instant Outbreak News: Instant disease outbreak news translation together with Geo-Map.

Long-term cooperation is always welcome; please direct your request to customerservice@flu.org.cn


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