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Xianying Zeng, Guobin Tian, Hualan Chen. Progress in development and application of H5/H7 avian influenza vaccines in China. SCIENTIA SINICA Vitae
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Since 1959,H5/H7 subtype avian influenza viruses(AIVs)have continued to endanger the development of the poultry industry and public health.In order to effectively control the H5/H7 subtype AIVs in poultry,China began to develop the vaccines for prevention and control of H5/H7 subtype avian influenza(AI)after the first H5N1 virus was isolated in poultry in 1996.In the past 20 years, inactivated vaccines,live vector vaccines,and nucleic acid vaccines have been successfully developed in China,among which inactivated vaccines and live vector vaccines have been widely used in poultry and vaccine seed viruses have been updated several times according to virus variation.These vaccines provided key scientific and technological support for China’s implementation of the“culling plus vaccination”prevention and control strategy since 2004.By the end of 2022,more than 300 billion doses of relevant vaccines have been applied in China and many countries along the“Belt and Road”.The application of the vaccine effectively controlled the H5 subtype highly pathogenic avian influenza(HPAI)in China and related countries,and guaranteed the China’s poultry industry in the context of the recent global H5 AI outbreak.At the same time,vaccination in poultry had eradicated the H7N9 virus that appeared in China in 2013,and completely eliminated its infection to humans,which became a global model of“human disease and animal prevention”,and created huge economic and social benefits and global impact.The great success of bird flu prevention and control in China provides important reference for the scientific transformation of bird flu prevention and control policy from“culling”to“vaccination”in developed countries such as Europe and America.In this review,we summarize the progress of AI vaccines development,application efficacy of H5/H7 subtype AI vaccines,and current challenges in China,in order to provide a reference for the prevention and control of HPAI in the future.

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