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2019-5-19 20:27:31

Korsun NS, et al. Predominance of influenza B/Yamagata lineage viruses in Bulgaria during the 2017/2018 season. Epidemiol Infect. 2019 Jan;147:e76.
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In this study, we investigated the antigenic and genetic characteristics of influenza viruses circulating in Bulgaria during the 2017/2018 season. The detection and typing/subtyping of influenza viruses were performed using real-time RT-PCR. Results of antigenic characterisation, phylogenetic and amino acid sequence analyses of representative influenza strains are presented. The season was characterised by the predominance of B/Yamagata viruses, accounting for 77% of detected influenza viruses, followed by A(H1N1)pdm09 (17%), B/Victoria (3.7%) and A(H3N2) (2.4%). The sequenced B/Yamagata, B/Victoria, A(H1N1)pdm09 and A(H3N2) viruses belonged to the genetic groups 3, 1A, 6B.1 and 3C.2a1, respectively. Amino acid analysis of B/Yamagata isolates revealed the presence of three changes in haemagglutinin (HA), eight changes in neuraminidase (NA) and a number of substitutions in internal proteins compared with the B/Phucket/3073/2013 vaccine virus. Despite the amino acid changes, B/Yamagata viruses remained antigenically related to the vaccine strain. B/Victoria isolates fell into a group of viruses with double deletion (Δ162-163) in HA1. Substitutions in HA and NA sequences of B/Victoria, A(H1N1)pdm09 and A(H3N2) viruses were also identified compared with the vaccine strains, including in antigenic sites. The results of this study confirm the genetic variability of circulating influenza viruses and the need for continual antigenic and molecular surveillance.

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