China: Guangxi reported a human H7N9 (HPAIV) case in Nanning

Nanning city reported a human H7N9 AIV case(fatal) on 18th,Feb 2017. The 41-year-old female patient,surname Li,worked in a wet market in Naning selling live poultry. She had onset of fever and cough on 11th,Feb 2017, and her condition worsened graduately. She was admitted into hospital for treatment on 16th,Feb 2017, confirmed to be human H7N9 AIV case on 18th,Feb 2017, died around 8am on 19th,Feb 2017. All close contacts of the patient showed no ILI symptoms so far.
The first imported human H7N9 AIV case(32-year-old male,surname Mo) of Guangxi(2017)died on 15th,Feb 2017 dued to the worsen of illness.

A report of the fatal case showed samples tested postive for Highly pathogenic H7N9 AIV infection, and the report (published on Oct 2017) is available at: