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2024-6-19 5:56:46
About F.I.C

Why F.I.C group established?

FIC stands for "Flu in China" and "Flu Information Centre".
We keep hearing the words as 'cradels of pandemic flu strains', 'avian flu outbreak', 'orgin of SARS' and etc., al.We keep under threat of influenza virus.In this global village, infectious disease outbreak concerns everybody. Time is limit, but the health care infrastructure still need years to develop. The National Surveillance System is the major outbreak network in China. However, we believe, the FIC Website will acquire several unique abilities which allows it to serve as a useful complementary for the national network.

Our Mission

To prevent illness, death, social and economic damage from influenza through epidemiologic research, professional education and the rapid translation of scientific information into real-world practical applications and solutions; To make current information widely available to educate and inform virology researchers, public health professionals, policymakers, and people across the country and around the world; To establish a timely and cost-effective intercommunication platform for the local and global professionals.

FIC's stands at the forefront in addressing the most pressing influenza issues. Our current focus is in four key areas:

  • Virus Research
  • Public Health
  • Emergency
  • Industry

A New way in Flu research: Web-based information and resources

FIC's Web site will play a central role in disseminating information and raising awareness of influenza pandemic. The site provides easily accessible, authoritative information on a variety of current influenza related topics. Increasingly, professional audiences and the public will recognize the site as a premier resource, one to be consulted daily.

FIC has developed a state-of-the art Web site designed to provide up-to-the minute information and resources related to influenza topics. We provide timely, in-depth information on virus research, public health preparedness, industry development and other hot topics; and comprehensive and current lists of guidelines and articles in the literature with Web links. Our Web site content offers a balance of virology, public health, industry and public policy information.

FIC's staff of professionals is dedicated to assuring that viewers will have the latest information available by closely monitoring developments in the field and updating out original content and related links continuously. With the help of our solely developed software, we are able to search numerous Web sites every day (WHO, China CDC, FLUNET, other academic-based public health preparedness centers, influenza research centers, professional societies, journals and more than 8000 news sources, related industry reports and other local and global public health and emergency preparedness agencies) for the most current and relevant information of influenza.

The PROMED http://www.promedmail.org like electronic reporting system will serve as a good practice of a cost-effective electronic surveillance method of influenza in China. The site was designed with the ability to serve as an emergency communication center for local and global professionals during a flu pandemic. The English-based backstage manage system and easy to use interface allow the webmaster to 'promote' voluntary professionals to manage the operation of the website during emergency thus to utilize global expertise. The forum and mail list can also help the rapid discussion and feedback on any hot topics. These features make our Web site a "one-stop shop" for professionals who desire to keep abreast of the ever-changing influenza landscape. Growing numbers of users report that they look to the FIC site for both late-breaking news and for resources providing in-depth information and analysis.

With its information resources, FIC can provide good assistance to the professionals in the fields include the evaluation of the public health system and its readiness to respond to an influenza crisis as well as analysis of the country's influenza medical practice and the ability of the nation's healthcare system to respond in the event of an influenza pandemic.


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