Retrospective analysis of human avian influenza A (H10N8)virus infection in Jiangxi province

Objective: To analyze and discuss the source and epidemic disposition of human infection with avian influenza A(H10N8)virus.
Methods: Epidemiological surveys were used to collect related data and RT-PCR was applied to detect the specimens collected from cases,close contacts related exposure to live poultry markets. Data were analyzed descriptively.
Results: Three cases were discovered by surveillance on patients with severe pneumonia,two of the three died,but one in the hospital with the course over 6 months. All the three cases had histories of exposure to live poultry or related markets. Lower respiratory tract gargle aspirate samples of 3 patients were detected by Nanchang Municipal Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Jiangxi Provincial CDC,and the results showed the influenza 2009pdmH1,H3,H5,H7,H9 subtypes negative. Specimen of patient 1 and 2 was positive for influenza A universal primers. Specimen of patient 3 was positive for H10N8 detected by Chinese National Influenza Center. All 33 close contacts of the patients were negative for H10N8 virus. Positive rate of the total poultry environmental specimens collected from the cases exposure markets was 5.19%. No new cases were found,after the prevention and control messages were implemented.
Conclusion: Three cases of H10N8 avian influenza virus infection province might be associated with exposure to live poultry market in Jiangxi.